Casey jo

1. What did they do when the sun shone? They halled everything on deck.
2. What jobs did Michael have on board the Peggy Sue? He had to help his dad, sometimes he had to steer the boat and he had to make the cups of tea.
3. What was Michaels favourite job? Michales favourite job was steering the boat.
4. Which crew member was allowed to do nothing? The only part of the crew that was allowed to do nothing was stella artoi.
5. How did Michael record his adventures? Michale used his log book.


The recaration ground is where children go to play

The meaning is that the boat will find the wind then catch it in her sail and make herself go

Redundent means that they are getting left out
it mean they have went separate ways

it was thought about

it means captain

she was unhappy because the was waves and the was oil tankers and it was quite ridicules

it means he trated tham as they are unworthy of the respect