RE 30/11/17

Read the text then answer the questions below as a comment. ( don’t write the questions)

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  1. 1. The definition of the word advent is waiting for a new arrival.
    2. The person that the christians celebrate is Jesus.
    3. There are five candels they represent joy, love ,hope, peace and Jesus( the four sundays before christmas).
    4. People use advent calenders and advent candles.
    5. The colour is purple pink and white sometimes red. Christians use advent wreaths.
    6. Advent calenders originated in Germany.
    7. They were originated in the late 1800s.
    8. Christmas carols were banned in 1647.

  2. 1.The definition od advent is a arival of a special person or thing.
    2.The special person christians celebrate is Jesus
    3. There are 4 candles on a wreath and they repersent the 4 sundays before chrismas.
    4.Another thing that is advent is an advent calender.
    5.Churches use red a white candle calthloc churches use purple and pink candles.
    6.The advent origanted in Germany.
    7.Theadvent calender origenated in the late 1800S
    8.Christmas carols were baned in 1647.

  3. 1, The definition of advent is the upcoming of a special arrival.
    2, The person christians celebrate is Jesus.
    3, There are five candles, 4 of them represent the 4 Sundays before christmas.
    4, You can use one candle with all the dates on or a chocolate calendar.
    5, There are white and purple candles and green and brown wreath Christians uses the wreath.
    6 Advent calendars origanated in Gemany.
    7, it originated in the 1800’s
    8, Christmas carols was baned betwin 1647-1660

  4. 1. It is the arrival of a person or a thing.
    2. They are Zeus, Jesus Christ and Christians.
    3. There are four candles because its one a week.
    4. It is the count down before christmas , advent calanders and chrismas candles were the other things for advent.
    5. The candles colours are red, white, pink and purple.
    6. They orginated in Germany.
    7. It was in the early 1980’s.
    8. Chrismas carols were band between 1947 and 1960 why because it should be in solumn time.

  5. 1. The definition of advent means a new arrival of a person or a thing
    2. The important person of christians is baby jeuse
    3. They are 5 candles on the wreath and they mean the four sundays before christmas
    4. Chocolate calalenders,candles
    5. The differnt colouers for the candles are red,white,purple,pink
    6. The advent calender come from German
    7. They year was around the 1800
    8. In 1647 christmas carols were banned

  6. 1. The definition of “Advent” is the arrival of someone.
    2. The important person that christians celebrate is Jesus.
    3. The 4 candles on the wreath represent the 4 sundays before christmas.
    4. The other thing that is advent is advent calenders .
    5. Churches use red and white or pink and purple.
    6. The advent calenders originated in Germany.
    7. Advent calenders became something in the late 1800.
    8. During Oliver Cromwell’s time as boss he banned christmas carol’s from 1674 to 1660.

  7. 1 The arival of someone or thing special.
    2 The iportant person is Jesus.
    3 4 candles and they repesents the 4 Sundays before christmas.
    4 they selebrate christmas and christmas eve.
    5 cristians use red and white candles and Catholic churches use pink and purple candles.
    6 It started in Germany.
    7 The year 1800.
    8 The chrismas carols where banned.

  8. 1)the dfenitin for advent is gaudete.

    2)the important person cristians celebrate is jesus.

    3)they are four candles

    4)advent crowns are also used at advent.

    5)the colours of the candles are red or white the person who uses them are christians.

    6)it started In germany

    7)i was in the late 1800s

    8)christmas carrols was banned in 1647 they was banned because it was thought Christmas should be a solemn time

  9. 1. What is the definition of advent? According to the text it means the coming of some important.
    2. Who is the important person christians celebrate? I think it is Jesus because he is the son of god.
    3. How many candles are there on the wreath? What do the represent? On the picture there is four candles to represent, but one is missing, the fith is burned on christmas day.
    4. What else is used at advent? Some people use an advent calenda to count down the days to Christmas, behind the doors could be: chocolate, pictures, toys, candles, and perfume.
    5. What are the different coloured candles on the wreath? Who uses them? Peace, hope, love are purple; joy is pink; and jesus is white. They are used by the church.
    6. What country did advent calenders originate? In the text it says the country is Germany.
    7. In what year? The text tells you that it was the late 1800s.
    8. What was banned in 1647? It says christmas charols were banned in 1647.

  10. 1. The arrival of an important person or thing .E.G JESUS.

    2. The important person the christians celabrate is Jesus.

    3. There are four candles on the wreath and the candle in the middle reptesents the countdown to christmas.

    4. Advent calanders and advent candles are also used at advent.

    5. In some churches, red or white candles are used but in catholic churches purple and pink candles are used.

    6/7. Advent calanders originated in Germany in the late 1800’s.

    8. Christmas carols were banned between 1647 – 1660 because people thought Christmas should be a serious time.

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